Platform for publishing, managing and tracking ad campaigns over Twitch streams

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What the problem?

We help native advertisers find potential influencers on Twitch. We know that the most challenging component to a successful campaign is selecting the right influencers for making the right amount of attention. We provide tools for finding the right influencers using targeting, #hashtags, demography etc. We open ability to create native ad campaigns. Publish your task, describe campaign goals, select the right blogger, pre-moderate result and once you'll satisfied. Get the right attention to your brand by using influence potential of opinion leaders on Twitch...

What You’ll Get


Create or upload your promotional assets


Find streamers that match your budget or promotion criterias or join as a Twitch comminity and include your streamers.


Create/Suspend/Schedule your AD campaigns.
Edit type/channels/assets anytime!

Analyze Your Results with Dashboard

Track various statistics of your active campaigns.


AD block free various styling layers for with your promotional materials.


Download Dashboard results in your preferred format CSV or MS Excel.

What data we're tracking?

Total amount of peak viewers

Collecting sum of peak viewers of the channels included in campaign.

Total amount of avg. viewers

Collecting sum of avg. viewers of the channels included in campaign.

100 h

Total total amount of hours watched

Collecting amount of hours your campaign has been displayed for viewers.

Followers increase

Collecting sum of followers gained for Streamers.

Unique views increase

Collecting sum of visits for channels included in AD campaign.

Twitch in numbers

1,08 M

Average concurrent viewers

100+ M

Unique viewers monthly

106 minutes

Average time spend by viewers on streams daily

~ 42 K

Cuncurrent streamers

3,2 M

Unique broadcasters per month

> 40 %

Twitch streams views of all gaming video overviews

Advanced Features

  • Tracking visits for your AD promotions
  • Detailed stats per channel
  • Manage amount of banners in your AD sliders
  • Manage animations, delays, display options of banners in your AD sliders
  • Hourly statistics
  • 100% tracking accuracy
  • Data comparison tools
  • Match target streamers by lang, community, active community, game, etc
  • Recomendations and forecasting
  • A/B testing

Affordable Prices



  • Banners uploading (image 400x220)
  • Overlays uploading (image 1920x1080)
  • up to 5 banners per AD slider
  • Daily track records
  • 10 channels per active campaign
  • Only summary of statistics for all channels included in campaign
  • 5s delay between displaying banners in AD slider
  • hourly track records
  • CSV reports
  • MS Excel reports
  • Overlay displaying verification
  • New creative and campaign types


per month
  • Banners uploading (image 400x220)
  • Overlays uploading (image 1920x1080)
  • Up to 10 banners per AD slider
  • Hourly track records
  • 10 channels per active campaign
    1$ for each additional channel
  • Statistics per each channels in campaigns
  • Manageable delays from 2s to 10s between displaying banners in AD slider
  • CSV reports
  • MS Excel reports
  • 100% statistic recording accuracy
    tracking only if channels displaying ad overlay
  • +1 Creative type (toats 450x80)
  • +1 Slider type campaign (toasts 450x80)


per month
  • All features included in Premium
  • + Overlay builder
  • + Creatives builder
  • +1 Campaign type (personalized QR codes)
    Ultimate tool for tracking visiting your promotional meterials
  • Build-in anylitics tools
    get recomendations and forecasting for your campaigns

Do you represent active twitch community with a group of streamers?

You're an Esport organization? - Cool! You'll find it easy as one click action to load all the channels belongs to your twitch community.
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Road Map

Our team working hardly to achive these big objectives!

MVP (0.9 Alpha)
  • Account for communities
Now - till Q3 2019
  • Proving the viability and market demand of the MVP
  • Strategic Plan
  • Add feature voting category for members
Q3 2019
Accounts for Streamers and Advertisers
  • Launching 1.0 Beta
  • Improved platform design and technical demonstration
  • Establishing account verification for Streamers
Q4 2019
Verification and tracking
  • Launching 1.1
  • Twitch Oauth Account verification mechanism for streamers
  • Enabling verification of displaying AD campaigns realtime
    100% tracking accuracy
Q1 2020
  • Launching 1.2
  • Balance deposit for advertisers
  • Payouts for streamers
Q2 2020
Streamers Dashboard + Reports
  • Launching 1.3
  • Streamers Dashboard
  • CSV, XLS reports
Q2 2020
Streamers targeting
Q2 2020
New campaigns types and creatives types
  • Launching 1.5
  • New creative type: toasts (customizable by size and shape)
  • New creative type: QR codes
Q3 2020
Prototyping Online Builder for overlays and creatives
  • Launching 1.6 - 1.x with minor improvements
  • Focussing on rolling out Online Builder for overlays and creatives: banners, promo bars, toasts, QR codes etc.
Q4 2020
Beta Online Builder
  • Launching 2.0
  • Bring yout promotional campaigns to the next level with variety of pre-build options for building overlays
  • Create various promo materials on the fly: banners, promo bars, toasts, QR codes, etc
  • Cloud backup included!
Q1 2021
Analytics and forecast things
  • Launching 2.2
  • Get analytics report, see trands, get forecasts
  • A/B testing rollout
Q2 - Q3 2021
NativesPlay OBS
  • Prototyping OBS with close integration to the service. Auto scheduled campaigns, managable real time!